Heart Boxes

These three dimensional ceramic wall sculptures are slab and hand built with a recessed shadowbox with a sculpted heart placed in it. Each saying and phrase are individually stamped, one letter at a time, and using molds that I made from my mother's costume jewelry among other hand made stamps and collected texturabelia, I've come up with a variety of decorative styles. Copper wire is used for hanging wings and other ornamentation. A wire hanger is on the back for wall mounting.

I refer to these heart shadowboxes as “Heart Keepers" or "Heart Boxes” and "Shrines". They have been given other definitions by people such as “altars”, “sacred sanctuaries of the soul”, and inspirational wall sculptures; but all evoke different emotions, ranging from sadness, gladness, delight and whimsy. Many an observer has shared a heart- rending experience, tearful story. I feel honored to create something that  touches another human being. These art pieces emerged out of a vision to have others look inside and see the beauty and vulnerability in another being. On a personal journey of my own, an image appeared in my artist's mind, and the first image that had appeared was not the easiest to form, so I created a shadowbox which was what the clay in my hands had led me towards.Whether the end result resembles the first idea I had, it is always a surprising and satisfying event. Every day that I sit down in my studio and begin stamping each letter one-at-a-time, I am realizing how much I am practicing and absorbing the messages in these famous quotes. I call it a “merging of work, meditation, healing and  play”.

All Sizes Approx 4"x4", 5"x5", 7"x7" And Up.

All Designs Available In Various Sizes and Colors.
Custom Quotes Also Available Upon Request.