Renowned for their beauty and durability, ceramic tile has served around the world as a lasting artistic surface throughout history. Tile art serves as a unique and beautiful functional surface that is durable and permanent. Ceramic tile art can withstand heat, cold, moisture and sunlight, so they can be placed where other artwork may not fare so well, like the bathroom, over the stove, sink, patio and deck, etc. Here at Art Tiles by Carla studio, I am carrying on the ancient tradition of painting in the 13th century majolica style of Italian tile artists, which is my ancestry. I have developed my adaptation of this ancient art form to have a watercolor look with a coastal theme as well as many other subjects. I design and paint in a variety of styles, using very bold colors and patterns, to a very soft pastel pallet in a water color style, using glazes and stains on handmade ceramic tiles and commercial tiles. I create one of a kind, custom handmade and, or hand painted tile murals to visually enhance your environment.

I make the tiles and sculptural pieces from low fire to high fire clays. The handmade relief tiles are cast from hand carved originals and can be ordered with a hook on the back for easy hanging which makes these tiles a perfect gift.
Custom Design & General Information

I can custom make tiles to fit your area.

I paint on 6x6 and 4x4 inch Dal Tiles, so size your field tiles to match the Dal Tile size.

I will also paint on your field tile, but you must send it to me first.

You may have your own design scanned and send it to me to work from.

My work is priced according to size, style and detail of the artwork desired.

For custom work, half of estimated cost is paid before work begins, and the balance due at time of shipping.

All orders shipped, will be replaced if broken on arrival -no restocking fee.